Sunday, September 27, 2015

Curél Itch Defense Lotion and Body Wash


    As an Influenster, I get that rush of excitement when I receive a presurvey in my email. I do the presurvey and check my email obsessively over the next week until I recieve the "You're In!" email! It's so much fun and such a rush to be picked to try and test so many wonderful products just for my opinion! If you do not know what Influenster is, check them out at and sign up if you love trying new and upcoming products from all the brands you love or will end up loving.

    So, I got to try the new Curél Itch Defense Instant Soothing and Moisturizing Spray. This is specifically designed for dry, itchy skin. In the fall and winter months, I have the driest skin ever so the opportunity to try this lotion fell in perfect timing! It is accepted by the National Eczema Association as well. It instantly relieves dry, itchy skin with a cooling hydration. It has an advanced ceramide therapy and will help improve skin's natural moisture barrier. Not only does it cool and relieve your itchy skin, it is alllergist tested, has no added fragrances, and is recommended by the best dermatologists on the planet. It's seriously good stuff!

    So my first lesson with a spray lotion was, Don't rub it in until you are done spraying it all over. Lol. Greasy hands makes it almost impossible to grip the can and spray elsewhere. After a few times of using this lotion it became a habit to just spray all over then rub in, which is so simple and fast. I have used some Curél products before and personally thought they were on the greasy side. This formula is not greasy at all. After rubbing it in and waiting about 2 minutes, it just felt like soft, smooth skin. It did have a cooling effect which was great just out of a hot shower or on a hot summer day. I personally thought it smelled like lemons, but the citrusy smell was gone after just a few minutes. The most important thing was that it definitely relieved my skin. I was no longer itchy, my skin felt fantastic all day long and I didn't have the "dandruff" skin when rubbing my arms. I will be sticking with this lotion for awhile. It is the first thing in 2 years I have found that works for me.

    Along with the lotion, I also got to try the Curel Itch Defense Body Wash. It was a smaller size product to test but none the less, did not disappoint. It has the same smell as the lotion and was a creamy gel texture. The two together make for the ultimate comfort for any dry skin sufferer. I used both the very first day I recieved them and have not had that great of a nights sleep in 2 years. My favorite part is not feeling like anything was on my skin at all. It was so light and natural feeling. I am truely amazed to finally find something that works!

***I recieved this product complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are true and solely belong to me***